Videography and Short Films

New Eyes Open 

The band Endless Gain, formed in Late 2015, based in East London. Mixed by Mark Jasper at Sound Savers Studio, Homerton, London. “New Eyes Open” music video from the EP  “12 Minutes of Endless Gain” was directed & visualised by Donella who also appears in the video. With gratitude to Endless Gain & Chris from Futronica for visual backdrops.

DOLLY- 2015

A shortfilm/ vertical video. This explores a female character working in the sex trade and the outside perceptions that people have. It explores judgement. Written & directed by Donella.

TIME- 2014

A short vertical film shot on an iphone as an experiment. Written and directed by Donella, it then picked up interest from who published it on Litro TV along side the like of Kate Tempest. It went on to gain more attention through social media platforms  eventually reaching Indie Boogie, & Film Fervor across the Adllantic. Film Fervor is a daily independent film podcast dedicated to promoting current and aspiring filmmakers from around the world. Here is her first 1st interview with them with more interviews to follow in 2015. The music was composed by Gavin Heaney, also known as  Jack 55.

Where it all began

Jellybaby – (2005) was executive produced under Donella’s old company F-5 Films in sole association with Jemsea Films. “Jellybaby” did the Festival circuit and arrived in the short film corner at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. This was a joint film venture between actress and director working in a laboratory process workshopping, before the script was shot. This conceptual method of working giving a flow of creativity through experimentation, was the first humble low budget venture into the arena of film to learn more about how low budget film works.


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FREE to listen monthly audios – The Dolly Diaries is a new audio project directed by The Shoreditch Collective. These completely FREE to you. The audio diary excerpts come direct from the mouth of the character of Doll, from the comedy feature film Venus Moon. These audios will give you an insight into her world on the poverty line. Please note all characters are completely fictional.****** This Episode is set the pub, we are happy you are coming on this journey with us into Dolly’s World.